Saturday, November 20, 2010

God pursues us!

I LOVE knowing that regardless of the choices I make, God is ALWAYS pursuing me. I was reminded of this when we were in China a few weeks ago visiting my sister and her family. Sol was invited by some good friends to share his personal journey with a small group of Chinese muslims of how he converted from a Muslim to a Christian.  (If you haven't heard his story, you are missing out!)  Throughout his sharing, he kept emphasizing the truth that it wasn't anything that he did but it was God pursuing him. It amazes me to think that just as God had his eyes and hands on Sol in the streets of Tehran, Iran, He has his eyes and hands on our children in Ethiopia.

This week has been an emotional week since Tuesday was the day we FINALLY completed our Dossier. I felt like we had reached another milestone in our adoption process.   My heart was pounding and tears streaming down as I drove up to Office Max with our precious documents.  I felt my hands shaking as I gave the women behind the counter my precious package. Before she threw my package on top of the other FedEx packages, I almost wanted to tell her to "PLEASE, Handle with Care!."  I walked back to my car and cried out of joy, relief and excitement.  The Lord reminded me once again that He is pursuing our children all the way in Ethiopia through us. We are just His vessels trying to fulfill what He has called us to do. What a relief to know that it's ALL in his hands.

Somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean there are 2 children waiting to come home. My heart is at rest knowing that HE knows their names, ages and their needs.


  1. Phew...tears!!!! I remember that feeling of dropping off our dossier to the mail guy well. I wanted to scream the same kinds of things - "this isn't ANY old package! this is the beginning of us actually getting our babies home! this is more than paper; this is LIFE". SOOOO excited for you guys. Can't wait till your kiddos come home. :)

  2. So blessed to read this! Thank you for sharing this process with us all! :) xo. I can't wait to see how this Love Story continues to unfold!

  3. How exciting!!! Does it feel surreal?! :) We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to keep on hearing great news!

  4. We are proud of you both to be obedient to His speaking and pursue the adoption. Even Ethan is so excitedly waiting....
    We may not know who they are yet, but the Lord has already chosen them and know their names. We pray for His utmost protection and guidance over every step and His name will be glorified.
    " In Him we were also made His inheritance, prestined according to the purpose of the One who works out EVERYTHING in agreement with the decision of His will.." Ephesians 1:11

    Love you,
    mom and dad