Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1st Trimester

From my personal experience, the first trimester of pregnancy was the hardest. There's a lot of physical challenges: nausea, bloating, migraines, exhaustion etc. Beneath all the discomfort lies the fears,unknowns and doubts of whether the baby will make it through the first trimester as well as the excitement and hope for the new life that's being formed inside the womb. In other words, you're excited and hopeful, sick and tired, nervous and fearful all at the same time.
Although I'm not physically pregnant, all the emotions of waiting for our adopted child have caused me to realize that we (Sol and I) are actually in our first trimester.

A friend reminded me today that ALL the paperwork - endless amount of papers/forms/letters to be written, filled out and notarized are like the ongoing discomforts of nausea, the fatigue and restless nights and the initial doctor visits, urine samples and ultrasounds within the first trimester. I'm actually starting to feel pregnant.

My heart aches for this birth mom that is carrying our child. I say this because our child may not even be born yet. In addition to all the pregnancy symptoms that an average pregnant mother experiences, I can imagine that she must be fearfully anticipating where her baby will go after he is born. We are excited to adopt this child and embrace him as part of our family, but what about his birth mother? My emotions are mixed.

Before we started this adoption journey, Sol and I always had a heart to open our home to another child/children that need a home. We always knew in our heart that God would someday allow us to participate in this amazing journey. And here we are.
We're ready to embrace the challenges and unknowns that lie ahead.
God is writing our story.
Ethiopia... here we come!