Friday, February 4, 2011

Hands free and waiting

I confess... the last 2 weeks I have been obsessively checking my email several times a day.  All I wanted was an email from our adoption agency informing us that our dossier authentication was complete. I could feel my level of patience slowly diminishing. In my mind, we were way overdue for our dossier to be complete!
Thankfully this past Monday, I finally received the news that Washington D.C. and the Ethiopian Embassy authenticated our dossier!!  

Our case manager happily informed us that they received our authenticated paperwork and had it all packaged and ready to head across the ocean to Ethiopia.


Oklahoma (where our agency is based) was hit with one of the worst snowstorms. Unfortunately our paperwork CAN'T BE DELIVERED... yet.  We are SO close and yet not as close as I'd like to be.  

Depending on their snowstorm, our dossier will probably not make it out to Ethiopia until next week. Although my heart goes out to all the people who are stranded on the streets and unable to make it home in the several feet of snow...
I am also humored by God's interesting timing.
Couldn't our papers have been completed last week before the snowstorm
so they'd be in Ethiopia by now?
I just have to accept that He had it happen this way only because it's on His agenda and not mine.
Don't you just LOVE His timing?
I am confident that God's hand is perfectly arranging every part of this journey.   He has pushed me to stretch my hands out, let go of my timeline/agenda and just sit and wait.

Hands free and waiting.

Waiting for God to do His thing.  


  1. When I logged on to see this post, "Word of God Speak" was the song that loaded. Perfect. Praying for that dang dossier to be SENT! Come on Jesus!!!

  2. God is Sovereign and His timing is perfect. Praying for good news Christine! I love reading your blogs. I have it on my google reader and I check for updates on my favorite blog sites. I was pleasantly surprised to see this tonight! PS: I'm off FB so keep in touch via email! Miss you!!!

  3. Hi Christine...I thought I posted on here...maybe it didn't make it? We are a waiting family with Dillon and would love to connect with you guys on your journey! Please shoot me an email @!!!! God Bless!