Friday, March 25, 2011

Showers of Blessings and celebrating a new season

I prayed hard that it wouldn't rain today.  Unfortunately, it's pouring rain as I speak.
Today is our BIG day!  Our final moving day. Saying good-bye to this cozy, little home that has been filled with 9 years of beautiful memories.
Alot of laughter, tears and many friends/family from every season of these past 9 years have entered this home. It's been a blessing. A tremendous blessing. 

Sol and I never had the intentions of moving from this place.
We started this adoption journey with no expectations of a larger home. We were ready for 2 more children in our 1100 sq. feet/ 2 bedroom home.  
So we were surprised when our parents gave us this incredible opportunity to upgrade to a brand new home as part of their investment not just for themselves but for us! They also had their 2 beautiful Ethiopian grandchildren that we haven't even met in their thoughts. 
We are so grateful. SO GRATEFUL!

So as I hear the rain this morning, I am reminded of his shower of blessings on all of us!  Although we haven't done anything to deserve His blessings, He never ceases to amaze me with how much He loves us.  
I am also SO grateful for our loving and generous parents that never hold back from blessing us and so many others.  Their hearts of generosity are amazing.  

As we enter a new season at this new home, I'm grateful to celebrate it with this rain. His showers of blessings on us.   

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