Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Waiting for answers

These past several days have been filled with waiting for answers.
Thankfully, we HAVE received some answers, but these answers have required us to wait for MORE answers....

the wait just becomes waiting for more waiting. 

 It's interesting how often times in life we think or hope that all of our answers are right around the corner. It can be disappointing at times and yet sometimes the waiting for more waiting can produce more courage and perseverance. I am dying to know the answer - is it yes or no? Should we turn right, left or continue to go straight?

Will we find out next week or will next week's response require us to act on something so we can wait another week longer. 

I want to know NOW!

That's how I really feel...
and yet, honestly.... I do feel at peace that every second, minute, day of waiting is all worth it.
 None of it is wasted.  We act and react when we need to and we sit and be still when there is nothing to do but....


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