Monday, January 17, 2011

One year later

One year has passed and our papers are still not in Ethiopia. Although I did post last month that our papers arrived, I misread the letter we had received and it was only our orphan petition that had arrived in Addis Ababa. Unfortunately one of our dossier documents had to go through 4 notaries in order to be approved with the Secretary of State. It has been nearly 1.5 months since we completed our Dossier and it still needs to be authenticated in Washington D.C. before heading to Ethiopia.  I was slightly annoyed and yet trusting that God has his hand on EVERYTHING and HIS timing is PERFECT! 
Exactly one year ago from today, Sol and I signed the dotted line and gave our hearts away to our children in Ethiopia.  Honestly, I can't stop thinking about them... Why? Because they're our children that God has given us!
When people ask me how many children we have, I tell them we have 2 boys and 2 more on the way. Their usual reaction is to look straight at my belly to see where the babies are! 

This is where they are!

So, even though my belly may not be physically showing, my heart has tremendously grown more in love with these two children since the day we signed on that dotted line.

If I could, I would send this short little letter to them so they would know how much they are loved:

Dear precious ones,

We can't stop thinking about you! 
We hope and pray every day that 
God surrounds you with His angels to guard and protect you. 
Even though we haven't met you,
you should know that you are dearly loved. 
Although we wish you could come home now, 
we trust that God has His perfect timing and will bring us together. 

Eh wed eh SHAH lehu
We love you SOOO MUCH! 

Love your Enat and Abbot

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Journey

After nearly a year into our adoption process and even answering all the "whys" in our application forms, written autobiographies, home studies and questions from friends and family, I finally decided to sit down to answer and process through this question for myself. 

"Why are we adopting and Why Ethiopia?"

Honestly, it wasn't statistics, an adoption conference, orphan Sunday or even a vision. It was really a small conviction that started and grew at an early age in both of our hearts from Seattle, Washington all the way to Tehran, Iran.  Seriously, it's amazing when I think of the Lord planting seeds in both of our hearts at such a young age. Sol grew up with Muslim beliefs while surviving the streets of Tehran while I grew up with Christian beliefs in a sheltered home within Suburban Seattle.

Because Sol grew up with bare minimum and had to learn ways to survive, he understood and felt the pain of children across the world who were in the same place.  At the age of 12, he saw the pictures of children in Ethiopia who were starving and malnourished and had the compassion to one day adopt when he had his own family. 
I love that....
In spite of all the pain Sol had to go through,
I love how the Lord has given my husband the ability to understand and emphathize with the less fortunate and orphaned. 
I grieve for what he didn't have and the brokeness of his childhood and yet I am so grateful because he has humbled me enough to understand a glimpse of the pain that the less fortunate have to go through throughout the rest of the world. The amazing part is that God lovingly rescued Sol with the plan of using him to one day demonstrate His same love to our children in Ethiopia.

I grew up with parents that demonstrated
compassion and generosity in amazing ways.
I call it " Contagious Compassion." 
 After coming back from India in 1998, my heart was broken for the orphans and the poor.  I felt I had to get involved immediately
or else I was going to miss out!
I thought God was calling me "NOW!" 
 Obviously, He had something completely different in mind
 and took me on a long 12 humbling years to get me to where I am at now. 

When Sol and I met in 1999, we both shared our hearts for adoption.  It was a commonality that tied our hearts together.  During our beginning years of marriage, we talked about adoption and how one day we'd adopt as many children as God would give us.  It was always a dream somewhere out there that seemed so incredible but not yet accessible.

Just last year, January 17th, 2010, the Lord finally opened the door for us to fill out our application and begin our adoption process. 

My eyes well up with tears as I sit here and think of where we started to where we are now.  All I can say is
"God, YOU are GRACIOUS and YOU are GOOD!"
As Sol always reminds me, it doesn't matter what we do wrong or what we do right, He will always remain who He is - He is our Gracious and Loving Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally. We are just His vessels that He pours His love through. 
Our adoption to 2 beautiful Ethiopian children isn't about us,
it's ALL about Him.

So, please don't tell us we are doing something great, it's God that should receive all the glory because He's the one doing something great!