Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A moment to breath

Our house is FINALLY quiet!

I can sit here in my comfy chair and actually hear myself think. I can take deep breaths without someone needing my attention, asking me for a snack or even asking me random questions like "what causes tornadoes?"  As much as I LOVE being needed and viewed as a walking encylopedia, it is NICE to be alone.

Maybe this is why I often feel like I have so many unfinished thoughts and not much to say.
I have started so many blog entries and never completed them.
They are ALL incomplete thoughts.

I don't even know what to say in this entry except that I can't stop thinking about our Ethiopian children and I feel a sense of restlessness. 

Waiting is hard! 

But... it is necessary. 

Even though our daily routine is full of so much life and so many blessings, I find myself silently telling these children whom I have never met- " I wish you were here." 
It feels good to express that to myself because I know that God hears me.

I think I've accepted that it's okay that I have unfinished thoughts and not much to say because that gives Him more room to complete my thoughts and fill in those blanks.  I realize that I just need to take more moments to breath and during those breaths, let His peace refuel and refresh me.