Monday, January 2, 2012


 “Courage isn't about knowing the path, it's about taking the first step.” – Katie Davis;

It's hard to believe we are approaching our 2 year mark since we began our adoption.  I remember the initial excitement of completing our application and wondering how it was all going to unfold. I also remember the sudden panic of "what are we doing???"  Our emotions weren't enough to stop us from taking the first step. God gave us the courage to walk in obedience and then we let Him carry us through every step of the way.

We began our adoption with pursuing one child under 18 months.  Our initial letter of intent stated that " we wanted to be considered to adopt one baby boy under 18 months old." 

But then...

Through a dream and confirmation from 2 close friends, we decided to adopt 2. Thankfully we made this decision before our home study was written. Our first home study stated that we were approved for 2 children (either gender) under 36 months old. 

Then we waited....

Our second home study update approved us for 2 children up to 48 months old. 

We waited some more.... while God was doing His thing...

And then... He brought these 4 children to our attention.


The reaction from family and many others around us was somewhat amusing. As much of a surprise as it came to our dear friends and family, it was certainly a pleasant suprise for us.
We knew we couldn't turn away and walk in another direction. These children were calling our name...and maybe we were calling theirs.

Courage... - it "isn't about knowing the path..."

I love how Katie Davis defines courage.  She had no idea the path that was ahead of her when she headed to Uganda for her first missions trip... but she took that first step.

We don't know the path that is ahead of us. Right now, today... this minute... I am overwhelmed.
We just received more pictures of these children and our hearts have fallen so deeply in love with them.
I have so many mixed emotions. Our hearts ache for the loss and the grief that these children and so many orphans have had to experience.  The road ahead to Ghana still seems long and daunting. 
Every part of this process is still out of our control. 

It took courage to take the first step and it will still take courage to wait until these children are officially ours. 

At the end of the day, I can rest in knowing that I don't have to know the path ahead, but I do have full confidence that He is holding our hand through it all.

"  For I am the LORD your God
who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
I will help you. "
(Isaiah 41:13)


  1. What wonderful news! I will be praying for your family. For God to give you peace as you trust in Him and obey Him. That He will speak louder than any other voice!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Its so amazing to see how God has worked in your lives!!!!! Cant wait to see who your adorable kiddos are!!!