Friday, January 27, 2012


My eyes well up with tears as I am reminded of God's goodness. We received our acceptance paperwork today from our case manager as well as a lengthy email that shared many more details of our children. As I read through the emails, I felt struck down with humility and thankfulness that God would choose Sol and I to love and adopt such beautiful children.

I glance at the pictures of our children several times a day wondering when will we get to meet them. I wonder what they are thinking as they are looking at pictures of us that are posted on the walls of their bedroom.  As much as I try to wrap my mind around all of this, I still can't understand it all.  I'm just amazed to know that there are 4 precious children waiting for us.

So as each day is filled with the busyness of homeschooling, parenting and my many attempts to cook healthy meals and keep our home a sanctuary (although not such a quiet one), I am eagerly waiting for  everything to move quickly. Everyday that passes by means one more day of waiting....
I'll admit that I'm not feeing so patient these days.  With adoption, things could move surprisingly quickly or dreadfully slow. Right now we are waiting for our homestudy update tomorrow to be complete so that our petition to adopt can be sent to and filed at the regional court where our children reside.  We are also asking God to supernaturally provide for all that we need. He is stretching us to believe the impossible and trust His goodness.

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  1. We are so excited with you Chris and Sol, for each step of the journey!