Friday, February 17, 2012

60 days and a thankful heart

We started a chain. Every link to our chain represents one day that we have been waiting to bring our 4 children home.
 As of today, we have reached 60 days since our acceptance of these children..
Our boys cannot wait for their siblings to join our family.

So it's only been 60 days since our acceptance of these 4 Ghanaian children.
Not too lengthy... so far at least...
But actually it's been 766 days since we signed and sent in our initial application to our Adoption Agency. I look back at our journey and I am astonished and amazed at God's work within our family and how He has expanded our heart to love, bear the patience to wait and the courage to step out.

Last year I shared in one of my blog entries the journey that Sol and I individually and corporately shared for adoption. I have been reflecting on that again...

Who would have thought that a 12 year old boy (Sol) who was struggling for survival on the streets of  South Tehran, Iran was dreaming that one day he would be able to adopt and provide a family to an orphan(s) from Africa. Even more unimagineable that God rescued him out of his pit of pain and survival and brought him to America to fulfill the calling that was given to him at such a young age. Converting from a Muslim faith to a disciple of Jesus and providing a loving home to 4 orphans.

Then there's me, Christine... raised in a strong, Christian home with parents who were actively involved in church and various ministries. Compassion was natural. Adoption was always spoken about. I graduated from Biola University with high hopes of one day becoming a missionary in the Middle East/India and building an orphanage or 2. Health issues hit me like a ton of bricks and it seemed my dreams were untangible. Was a humbling journey...

Then we met.  One of our first conversations was about adoption. We hardly knew each other and yet it was a mutual connection we had and felt called to do.

God has not let that go.

 Our journey hasn't been smooth sailing, but it has softened our rough edges and humbled us enough to know that we are not perfect and yet God still loves us and desires to use us in spite of our imperfections.  I am SO grateful to be married to a husband that loves God passionately and has the courage to take risks with me.

 My reflections don't end here...

We have our friends and family that have been such a tremendous inspiration within these past years of our marriage and our adoption.  We wouldn't have been able to walk through the valleys and mountain peaks of our marriage and our adoption without them.  
They pretty much "have our backs."

I feel the urge to scream out a big "THANK YOU" and I think now is a pretty good time to do it.

TO my parents who have always and continue to be such a powerful inspiration and encouragement to us. Thank you mom and dad for supporting us through every bit of our marriage and our adoption even knowing that 4 more grandkids means MORE space in your house for family reunions. =) You have inspired us to live a life worthy of His calling.  It is evident that your love for these 4 beautiful children whom you haven't even met is nothing less than for your own biological grandchildren. Thank you!

TO my sisters: Jenn and Steph. Thank you for your consistent support and encouragement. Even though you both live miles away... I know I can always count on you1

TO my moms and meals groupie: Thank you Erin, Alison, Tiffany and ElizabethYou are beautiful women inside and out. I can't even imagine life without you 4! Not only is cooking for my family so much sweeter but your friendships are precious jewels that I treasure. You have inspired my  family and I to live courageously and have pushed me to speak out a little louder at times when I feel inadequate.  Thank you for being our Cheerleaders!

TO my dear friend Lauren: You and Jeff are such an inspiration to us.  Your life and testimony of your own adoption journey has demonstrated to Sol and I that we don't have to do this perfectly, but with Jesus we can do it.  Thank you for loving our family and choosing to journey together with us.

TO my dear Annie: 15 years later and still amazed at His faithfulness in our friendship. Your example of courageous living and humility is a constant inspiration to Sol and I. Thank you for always believing that we can do it. We can't wait to be on the same continent together soon!

The road ahead still seems long and daunting with still so many unknowns and uncertainties. Who knows where our adoption process will be in 60 more days?

As we continue to wait and step out in faith, we just want to express how grateful we are for the incredible support we have around us.
 Thank you also to all of you that have generously contributed towards our adoption and continue to pray for us.  

There is still more to come...

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