Thursday, March 22, 2012

As an Asian-American...

We already stick out like a sore thumb.

A Chinese-American married to a Persian-American.

Now we are adopting 4 African children?  I love it!  It's a beautiful picture of God blending cultures and ethnicities together. 

After discovering myself as the only AAAFA mom (Asian-American Adopting From Africa) among hundreds of families within my various adoption groups, I began my intense google search. I searched for at least one Asian- American or perhaps a Chinese-Persian American couple adopting from Africa.... nothing.
I have searched for blogs, yahoo groups, online adoption forums.... nothing. 
I know there are Asian families adopting from Africa... but to my dismay, my search produced 0 results.

I have to admit, after several days, weeks of doing my occasional google search, I was a bit discouraged.  I know the answer, but I have asked myself many times:
 " When adopting, why do Asian-American families prefer to stay within their comfort of adopting children that have the same hair color and skin color as them?"

My apologies if I appear offensive for asking such a personal and bold question. I'm sure I might raise an eyebrow or two, but it's something I've been reflecting on. I believe adoption is a very personal calling and I don't take lightly the decision of "where" to adopt from.  It's NOT an easy choice to make.  But I admit, sometimes I have wished for another AAAFA mama that could walk this adventurous road with me.

From day 1 of meeting Sol, my parents had to accept the fact that I was going to break all cultural norms. Over the years, they have embraced our interracial marriage with all its uniqueness and have welcomed it as a beautiful gift.  Now they have shown an even greater compassion and love for our children from Africa.

On the topic of our adoption, the questions arise...
" How do your parents feel about your adoption? "
" Do they have any problems with you adopting from Africa?"
" Do you think they will be able to love your children just like their own biological grandchildren even though their skin color is different? "

I answer proudly: " They are SO excited, they don't have ANY problems and yes, I have full confidence that they will love these children like their own biological grandchildren!"

I respond with so much pride because I am proud of my 1st generation Chinese parents.  They are one in a million and a true example of God's limitless love.

Last Sunday, my father, a lay pastor, invited Sol and I to share our story during their Sunday service. If you know us well enough, we do not thrive off speaking behind a microphone.  Thankfully, my father's church is a small homey church. 
As we started to share our adoption journey, my heart welled up with so much joy.  Here we were given an opportunity to share with Chinese believers who can't understand much English what the amazing love of Christ looks like.  His love covers all cultures, all races and all colors of people all over the world.  His love doesn't and shouldn't limit us. 
The response from people was so heartwarming.

Sol and I want our story to be told in a way where the attention isn't directed at us. We are not rescuers, amazing or brave people. We are just vessels carrying out the blessings that have been given to us by our Amazing Creator, God and transferring them to the children that He has appointed for us to receive these blessings.

So now as I reflect back to my previous question of why there aren't many Asians adopting African children..
I have recently discovered that 90% of the financial support we have received so far has been generously given by the hearts of Chinese people worldwide.  
I'll let you reflect on that for a minute...

Although I wish the world we lived in didn't have so many cultural barriers, I am SO grateful that we are among a few that have chosen to break our cultural barriers and have opened the door for others to join us. 

I imagine, we will stick out like 2 sore thumbs once our children come home... - but it's okay,
I know God will look at us and smile.
            Who knows, may be one day another AAAFA mom will find my blog from performing the same google search I did.

Psalm 113:4
"The LORD is exalted over all the nations,
his glory above the heavens.


  1. Christine, our dear family friends the Ho family are bringing home their boy from Ethiopia tomorrow. Here is eir blog, if you would like to connect.

  2. Hi Christine,

    We are adopting from Ghana and are praying for your family! My husband and I are not Asian, BUT we do have 3 beautiful Chinese children (2 daughters & 1 son). All together with our 2 bio kids we will have 6 like you!

    Brooke Breeze
    Walton, KY

  3. Another AAAFA! :) Our two sweet girls have been home with us 11 months. I'm Chinese and my husband is Caucasian.