Monday, March 12, 2012

One less hurdle and staying focused

3 weeks ago, we signed and notarized all of our acceptance paperwork.  8 Documents, 16 notarizations... another $160.

Wow.... it's actually happening!!  We signed all of the paperwork stating that we accept the adoption order of these 4 children.

Whew - emotions.... ALL over the place.

A couple weeks ago we FINALLY received our homestudy update (3rd one and hopefully the last one!).

One less hurdle. 

I came through our front door, waved the papers to Sol and dashed upstairs to whip out a cover letter for our I-600a and gather all of our documents together to send to the USCIS.   Within 20 minutes, I was on my way to the post office mailing our I-600a form, 3 homestudies and our former I-171h form.  As I was driving, Ethan (our 7 year old) commented on how we were JUST at the post office mailing adoption paperwork.  His question to me was

" mommy, how come it takes so much work to adopt?"

I wish I had an answer.

I wonder the same thing sometimes - " WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG???"
But, it is what it is.  It has been a long journey for our family.  I have to remind myself that everyday is one day closer to bringing our children home from Ghana. 

I have been praying that God would open the doors for us to get a court date by the end of April.... but that is a long shot now.  It doesn't mean that I stop praying for a speedy process for us to get a court date. But it does mean that I need to stay focused on where He has us right now during this season of waiting and preparation.

Yesterday, a friend of ours sent us a short video clip of our 2 older Ghanian boys playing the drums.  My mommy heart melted and the floodgates of tears opened. With every new picture I receive and the more I learn about our children, I feel my heart expanding and I also find myself fighting my emotions from being too attached to these beautiful children.  All the "What ifs of our adoption not going the way we hope and plan" begin to takeover to the point where I can't take it anymore. 
and then I PANIC....

lots of deep breaths

until He reminds me for the 100th+ time that...


I can't take this into my own hands. Ultimately, we want what's best for any one of our children, biological and adopted.  Half of the time, I'm not sure what's best. So I just mind as well stay focused and let God decide what's best. 

I tend to spend more of my energy anticipating the unknowns and creating worst case scenarios that I lose perspective of all the blessings that He has already given us.  Although there are still so many hurdles ahead of us, each hurdle we cross brings more hope to one step closer to bringing our children home.

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  1. It is hard to be separated from your little ones. God will fill that gap soon! Love to you all!